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New 20mm Little Bighorn Range

Now Avilable!


10mm 3rd Rate Ship of the Line and Crew


Complete kit including - All metal parts, guns, crew, fighting tops etc. Wooden masts, yards and cloth sails.


New 28mm Arthurians

ARR01 - Arthurian Command

ARR04 - Arthurian Warriors II

ARR05 - Arthurian Warriors III

New 28mm Old Kingdom Egyptians

OKE01 - Pharaoh Standing Pointing

OKE02 - Egyptian Command

OKE03 - Retainer Axemen Standing

OKE04 - Retainer Axemen Advancing

OKE05 - Egyptian Axemen

OKE06 - Egyptian Archers

OKE07 - Egyptian Spearmen

New 28mm Ancient Samnites, Celts and Spanish.


New 1/72nd Sikh War

SKW1A - Sepoy Command

SKW10 - Sikh Irregulars Command

New 10mm Carthaginians

10CA01 - African Heavy Infantry

10CA02 - Libyan Heavy Infantry

10CA03 - African Heavy Cavalry

10CA04 - Carthaginian Elephants

10NU01 - Numidian Infantry

10NU02 - Numidian Cavalry

10SP01 - Spanish Scutarii

10SP02 - Spanish Caetratii

10SP03 - Spanish Cavalry

10SP04 - Balearic Slingers

10SP05 - Celtiberian Scutarii

10SA01 - Samnite Infantry

10R07 - Numidian/Moorish Light Cavalry

10CE04 - Celtic Slingers

The next show we are attending will be Attack! Devizes, 18th and 19th July.


Coming Soon

New 20mm WWII British Infantry with Sten guns,

German and Russian Mortars and Heavy Machine Guns


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