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New 1/72nd Sikh War

SKW1A - Sepoy Command

SKW10 - Sikh Irregulars Command

New 10mm Carthaginians

10CA01 - African Heavy Infantry

10CA02 - Libyan Heavy Infantry

10CA03 - African Heavy Cavalry

10CA04 - Carthaginian Elephants

10NU01 - Numidian Infantry

10NU02 - Numidian Cavalry

10SP01 - Spanish Scutarii

10SP02 - Spanish Caetratii

10SP03 - Spanish Cavalry

10SP04 - Balearic Slingers

10SP05 - Celtiberian Scutarii

10SA01 - Samnite Infantry

10R07 - Numidian/Moorish Light Cavalry

10CE04 - Celtic Slingers

The next show we are attending is Salute on the 25th April - Exel, London


Coming Soon

New 20mm WWII British Infantry with Sten guns


New 28mm Ancient Samnites, Indians, Celts and Spanish

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